Is your PC secure?

Do you think your system is secure?

What OS are you using?

What OS are you using?

You know you have winner when the last thing on your mind is your network!


It's funny as I sit down to write this, I look back and try to remember when the last

time a tech came out to visit. I can remember the last time they called and pro-actively

asked me to check the backup storage unit and reset it. 


The time before that was to confirm an update that had been applied from a software

vendor that we use internally, I remember asking, you did an update? Was there a problem?

The answer was simple and straight forward, no, just a patch alert that we recieved. I then

asked another question, why did you get a patch alert? Nick the owner to whom I was speaking

responded "when we assisted in the install of Nextech we took it upon ourselves to

sign up for alerts so that you wouldn't have to worry about your system not being up

to date".  This for me was the moment I realized I was in good hands. 


Peace of mind is what they are selling and I'm paying FULL PRICE!

Logan Pence
Practice Administrator