Is your PC secure?

Do you think your system is secure?

What OS are you using?

What OS are you using?

Testimonial from Habitat for Humanity

Thanks to their hard work and expertise we have had

virtually no down time... (read more)



Testimonial from Nova Cosmetic Center

I remember asking, you did an update? Was there a problem?

The answer was simple and straight forward... (read more)

Nova Cosmetic Center

Testimonial form Richard Stonecipher

Thank you very much, I will be using you guys for all of my computer

needs from now on. The online support is so much better than unplugging

this thing and bringing it in. I will also be letting all my friends know.


Thank you again, Richard.

Testimonial from Arlington Homes

We have used several IT companies over the years

and NRS Tech is by far the most responsive and

professional. (read more)



Testimonial from AMG Systems

AMG Systems has been a client of NRS Tech for

five years. I think they work 24 hours a day including

weekends. (read more)