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What OS are you using?

Welcome to NRS Tech!

Our motto has and always will be "Do it Right the First Time".


In the ever-changing world of business its smart to have a partner looking out for your technology needs. NRS Tech is that partner. With over fifty years of experience in the field of network technologies; NRS Tech can provide the right solution for your small business, enterprise corporation, and even your home. Our strengths come from an ability to balance the use of modern technology and personal interaction with our customers. This blend of technology and customer service makes it possible for NRS Tech to meet our clients' organizational, infrastructure, and security needs.


NRS Tech provides the highest quality services and solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, all the while ensuring the security of every client's information. We can provide the small business with solutions you would find in large corporations at small business prices. Often times the people you trust with your business IT needs have the skills to support you, however, they may lack the skills or knowledge to prepare your business for future growth.


NRS Tech will work in a cooperative effort to enhance your current IT teams abilities so that a solution to a current or perceived problem is resolved in a timely manner. A custom built "Server"   which utilizes desktop technology is not a good solution for growth. Enterprise level redundancy is reliable and supported 24/7 365 with next day delivery of parts when they fail. Built in redundancy so when a part fails you are less likely to go down and all that is needed is a part hot swapped while the system is still running. This kind of technology can be at the heart of your small business for close to the cost of an expensive desktop and give you more piece of mind.



We are gadget freaks! Everyone within our organization has a passion for gadgets and new technology. You may have seen the newest hottest thing at your local retail store, well, we have known about it for up to two years. Keeping abreast of current and future technology is our job so you don't have to. Whatever your needs technologically we can help and will enjoy providing the correct solution, that's just what we do and we love to do it!

Don't forget this doesn't just apply to business solutions, we can help you with things in your everyday life as well, i.e. personal music players, universal remotes, media servers, new TV's, digital recorders etc. We have a vast amount of knowledge and we love to make people happy! So when you get us as your IT support team you get much, much more!







All of our services are warranted*.  If after service is performed and the same

issue reoccurs within seven days we will repair it at no charge to you.


*This applies to hardware items repaired or installed.

We cannot guarantee viruses, spyware infections or software defects.




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