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Web Services

    NRS Tech offers web hosting, e-mail hosting, and web design services to its clients. If your company relies on its Internet presence or would like to have one we can get you there. Contact us for more information on how our services can help you establish and maintain it.


You wouldn't take the controls of a 747 without proper training would you?


Let our experience get you to your destination with confidence!


With our help you can:

  • Drive More Business Through your Doors
  • Add Online Sales to your Current Establishment
  • Create a New Business Online
  • Share Family Photos with Loved Ones
  • Save Files Online to Access from Anywhere
  • Start your Own Blog or Forum

Whatever you're looking to accomplish online at least give us a call and let us either provide the solution or point you in the right direction. We may even have a solution that isn't one that we provide and could wind up being FREE!